Monday, January 26, 2009

Doomed to Repeat It

Iceland's Government Has Just Collapsed

"Iceland has been mired in crisis since the collapse of the country's banks under the weight of debts amassed during years of rapid expansion. Inflation and unemployment have soared, and the krona currency has plummeted.

Haarde's government has nationalized banks and negotiated about $10 billion in loans from the IMF and individual countries."

Does this sound familiar? With the "bailout" the U.S. government effectively owns a big part of the banks, national debt is going up with each trillion we spend on bailouts, money we have to borrow or print (which then causes inflation). But of course we can avoid this result because, like, we're the new Socialist/Democrat/Teflon party! PARTY ON!

Musical Diversions

A great song from the new album by Frost*

If you're percussively inclined here's the session drummer of Frost* showing you how its done. Easy peasy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Slimeball Alert

After clawing his way to a win in Minnesota Al Franken is trying to have the case dismissed where his opponent is trying to shine a bright spotlight on Franken's practices. Practices such as mandating recounts in Democrat-heavy districts but not equal recounts in Republican ones. That and counting votes on practice ballots used when testing the machines.

Story here

Complete story of how Franken stole the election

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Isn't this supposed to be turf?

I love how these earth-lovin' liberals absolutely trash the place, just like your typical Earth Day site! Loads of trash, the living green grass pounded into dust, can't even bother to stoop down to pick up one piece. Come on, people now, can't we all just come together and each person pick up just one or two pieces of trash? It's for the good of mother earth!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogs of My Childred

A full 3/5ths of my kids now have blogs! HUZZAH! Who knew they knew how to write?




Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Soaked

Gas prices are on the rise again! But relax... your trusty price historian is here to enrage you all the more!

Yep, in addition to my database where I track weather predictions and results I also have one with oil prices vs. gas prices. It's not overly robust- a mere 24 entries going back to July 26, 2008. My hope is to see some kind of logical trend between the movement in the price of oil vs. the price of gas, even if there is some lag. But as yet I've only seen that when oil moves up or down five points the price of gas only moves one point.

For instance at it's lowest (that I recorded) oil was on 12/22/2008 - $39.91 per barrel. Gas was $1.66 that day (a price derived from the handful of gas stations I pass on my way to work. I've found that they are often in the mid-range of gas prices you find on those "GET THE LOWEST PRICES" gas web sites).

Yesterday the cost of oil was $48.58 and the price of gas was $1.99 per gallon. Checking my records the last time oil was around $48.58 was December 3, 2008 ($46.79). Was gas two bucks at that time? Nope, it was $1.69. What was the price of oil when gas was last around $1.99? $62.41 per barrel on November 10. Does that mean when gas next hits the very un-lofty price of $63 per barrel that gas will cost $3 per gallon? Something stinks and it isn't gas fumes.

One thing to note is that the federal gas tax is set twice a year. For example if the price of gas is $3.50 and the tax on that gallon is set to be 40 cents then even if the price of gas falls to $1.67 in the next six months we are still paying 40 cents in tax on that gallon. Yes, it was work in our favor should the price shoot up but if it does I'm sure they will pass some legislation to recover their "losses".

NOTE: In the chart above the price of gas was multiplied by ten so that it would be easier to see movement in comparison to the price of oil.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just The Beginning

Here we go kids! Check out this link for some of the lovely treats in store for the sleeping Americans - New taxes!

Yes, the Obama clan and their willing thieves in congress are promising Conservative tax cuts to the people on the front side but on the back side they are taking them back. This link shows a proposed EPA green-house tax of $20 per hog, $175 per cow and $87.50 per beef cattle. Any operation with more than 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle or 200 hogs would have to obtain permits, and we know how quick and handy they are to hand out permits for such horrible things like nuclear power.

I expect a federal sales tax in 2009. At the very least it will be on all internet purchases. All other taxes will be the kind of "behind your back" taxes described above, those that increase the cost of living for every American but doesn't require them to directly write a check. You know, like the federal gas tax they are talking about raising.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Surreal Skating

I just got back from my first homeschool skating party. It's going to take me some time to recover.

The event was held at Bell's rink in New Haven, the location of every skating party of my elementary school. Driving there I half wondered how they would handle the Rock-N-Robin (where boys line up on one side and girls on the other and if you are brave enough you leave your side and skate around once. If you are really brave you ask a member of the opposite sex to skate with you... while holding hands) and I wondered if Bells would be asked to turn off an inappopriate song.

I've come to learn that there are many kinds of Fort Wayne homeschoolers. There are the ones you think of stereotypically. You know, the ones that raise their own goats. I've also found that there are wiccan homeschoolers and eco-homeschoolers (yes, I'm being redundant) and all shades in between. I guess I wasn't prepared for what I was to encounter.

There was no Rock-N-Robin. No Disco Duck. No High School Musical songs. Not even any Beatles or 50s rock. Not even the innocent Hokey Pokey!!!! The music was apparently selected by a conservative Amish gentleman from the 1890s. Instrumental hymns with strings ruled the day. This, in the place where I experienced the disco and post disco era of the very early 80s... a major disconnect.

In addition to having three cakes by the snack bar ("Have a blessed 2009!") all of the video games, pinball machines, and ticket games were turned off. Don't they know that homeschoolers love The House of the Dead 2?!?!?

Somehow I was able to overcome the lack of blaring hip-hop music and had a great time skating with my daughters. There was no need to worry about inappropriate music (though I really wanted to slip the DJ a buck and ask him to play Metallica), there were no young girls showing too much skin, no skater punks knocking over children. A good time was had by all, although Neal Carr failed to show up to preach a brief Bible message.