Friday, June 29, 2012

(Hopeful) Conclusion of the American Community Survey

After receiving a number of phone calls and letting them go to voicemail, I finally started picking them up. Yes, I replied, I have received the survey. No, I don't have time to fill it out or complete it over the phone with you. We just had a baby so we're pretty busy and I don't have time to complete your survey. Thanks. I had to repeat this twice and now we don't get any more calls. That was a couple of weeks ago. So far no one has visited our house. My fingers are crossed!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review - The Choir - The Loudest Sound Ever Heard

Yeah, a new album from The Choir is here! In fact, it’s been here quite a while. I’ve listened to The Loudest Sound Ever Heard many, many times, hoping it would catch my fancy. I even listened to the band commentary CD in the hopes that it would illuminate what I perceive to be flat and uncharacteristically unpicturesque lyrics. Nope. Since I had the Stems mix I listened to the unadulterated bass part for each song. Better (more of the fuzz comes through) but not enough. Over one weekend I had two song snippets in my head. I had hoped that it was the beginning of an earworm and that I would grow to love the album but it only lasted an hour and then the songs disappeared from my head. And so, after writing this, I’ll probably shelve the album for a few years.

I could write more detail on how this album fails to live up lyrically, melodically and song-writingly but I have too much respect and love for this band. Some fans are really diggin’ it but it just isn’t digging into me. My personal favorites include Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen, Circle Slide, Free Flying Soul and Chase The Kangaroo, all albums that rate 10 or even 11, if that gives you an idea of my musical inclinations. However this album, at least lyrically, at times reminds me of Diamonds And Rain. Okay, I’ll stop now. Except to say that the band has slipped from “Pre-Order and Buy Everything The Put Out Including Extras” to “Maybe I Should Listen To It First.” At least they didn’t slip as far as They Might Be Giants who have now become “Get It From The Library”.