Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hello. My name is uvulapie and I have a problem.

So there I was, watching a VHS tape on the last five years of Bela Bartok's life, and they were playing bits of his Concerto For Orchestra. This astounding piece has always been a favorite of mine but having not heard it for a few years, hearing the melodies and anticipating the music to come actually made my heart beat a tad faster, an affliction that has also occurred with some Sleepytime Gorilla Museum songs, but I digress. Oddly enough, I accidentally "discovered" Bartok's Concerto For Orchestra when I bought a CD with Lutoslawski's work by the same name after hearing the local orchestra play it and the CD just happened to pad out the album by throwing on the Bartok piece. But I digress again.

Also on this video was excerpts from Bartok's Third Piano Concerto. While listening to these I found myself wondering why it didn't sound even slightly familiar to my ears. I rushed (okay, it's Saturday afternoon so I did my usual drunken crawl) to my collection and sure enough, I owned it on a CD with his other two piano concertos. Picking up the album I realized that it was still in it's shrink wrap. I need help.

Bartok Midi.

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Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

The Midis just don't do justice to his work. To really make Bartok shine in all of his glory you need a kazoo and an empty tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.