Monday, August 10, 2009

Too Early (in the morning) For Predictions

The current administration is showing itself to be extremely thin-skinned. People are coming out to protest government-run universal health care and these individuals are being lambasted as extremists and/or part of an organized event. It's the true liberal way: If you can't logically argue against something you start slinging mud and name calling and smearing reputations. Remember Joe the Plumber? At the mere mention of this guy some of the liberals I know would say, "But he didn't even have his plumbers license!", meaning that the media was right in what they did to this man's life. But what does his lack of a license have to do with the question that he asked? It's not like he approached Obama, Obama approached him!

So now we're seeing how Chicago politics operates on a larger scale: hired union thugs beating up old people, trying to threaten them.

I predict that 2012 is going to have a very unusual November. The sleeping giant is waking and the American people who normally only care about getting to the local RedBox and making sure their boat at the lake has gas is slowly realizing the character of this man they voted in for President of the United States of America. My prediction is that reality will continue to set in for the rest of this mans 3.5 year term, provided he is allowed to serve it (but that's another post) and the American people will descend en masse to vote him out. However there will be a couple of unusual things that will happen:

1) In the last election there was MASSIVE voter fraud, Chicago style. Everyone jokes and laughs about how the dead vote in Chicago but in this last election ACORN made sure that the dead voted nationally. Anyone with a bit of time can read this or simply search "ACORN voter fraud" for hours of evidence. The fact that the past election was so close means that it is extremely likely that the election was stolen. In my own county I chose to vote early only to find that there wasn't anything to prevent me from voting again on election day. I was told that there were checks in place but my hunch is that this was just CYA on the part of the voting board. A list was supposed supplied to each voting station of those who already voted and the volunteers were to go through the book and mark out those who had already voted. When my wife voted in the afternoon there was still no indication on my record that I had already voted.

2) The Republicans had better give us someone worthy of our vote! If they sit back and say, "We've got this one in the bag... who's the next Country Club Blue Blood pal of ours who's due?" JUST LIKE THE DID LAST TIME then, well, I don't know what will happen. I fully believe that if they hadn't had Sarah Palin on the ticket that they would have lost by even more and if they had had someone who acted like they wanted to win, someone who wasn't so wishy washy like McCain, that there would have been enough votes to overcome the fake ACORN votes.

3) I suspect that Obama and his machine are working towards gaining control of counting the votes. He illegally grabbed control of the Census and no one stood up to him so why not the whole voting process? So he won't be too concerned over campaigning (thought that appears to be the old thing he's good at) or sweating it out because he and his goons will control the outcome. The problem will be when the American people realize what's happened, when all the poll numbers leading up to the election show clearly that Obama is losing badly and suddenly he wins... well, I'm not sure what will happen but there might be a sale on pitchforks and torches.

4) Regardless, there will still be wholesale intimidation by The Black Panthers/ACORN and voter fraud on Election Day.

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Me said...

"The Republicans had better give us someone worthy of our vote! "

I'm not a Republican and I will never vote for one again. Ever. Palin or not.