Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Music Conundrum


Twenty minutes ago I had no idea that an artist I knew about via an excellent side project (L.E.O. and the amazing "Alpacas Orgling" album) had a third solo album that came out late the summer. "Late This Summer" is just within the bounds of being recent enough that I can review it and recoup the expense of purchasing it.

Loading up Amazon I find that I can download the album for $9.49 and have it instantly. Or I can get a used copy of the actual CD, shipped, in a week or so for just under eight bucks.

Pay more money, don't get a physical CD with artwork and liner notes BUT have it instantly and the artist actually gets paid for his work


Pay less money, get more (physical CD) but I have to wait and the guy who created all the (hopefully) musical goodness gets nothing from the deal.



Big Doofus (Roger) said...

Bleu is a genius that no one outside of the Boston area knows about. I'm pretty sure some smart guy did a review of his first major label release in the same magazine for which you write.

Did you get the CD? I need to pick that up, too.

Uvulapie said...

I haven't picked up his newest album but I have contacted a nice rash on me bum.

Ricky H said...

Always support the artist when possible. But if the only way to get a physical copy is to get it used, then you just gotta do what you've gotta do. (Such conundrums often cause the kinds of rashes of which you speak - but good music should clear it right up.)

P. McCartney's last Fireman album could be ordered as a physical CD + immediate download (and the d'load came with all the artwork), and it didn't cost any more than a CD would from most stores. I wish more artists would include the artwork with their downloadable albums.

Alpacas Orgling is indeed an amazing album. The best ELO album that ELO never made.

I live near Atlanta, GA, and my brother and I both have heard of Bleu (and have turned others on to him) -- so I'm happy to say that Big Doofus (Roger) is mistaken.