Friday, January 29, 2010

The Homeless Crisis

Remember the homeless crisis of the late 80s? All the big pop stars were doing group albums to raise funds to pay the big salaries of executives at homeless organizations. This came to mind because as part of digging through these 100+ unlistened albums and the debut album by Allies has a song ("It's Never Easy") about how we should help the homeless. I have an inkling that Margaret Becker Cyndi Lauper also had homeless songs... I'm sure there were many, many more but I wasn't much into the popular music scene by the late 80s. I quick search finds "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi and "State of the World" by Janet Jackson. For some reason I can't find the tribute album name, though who can forget FarmAid, BandAid or the almost cartoon-like character voices on "We Are The World" from USA for Africa?

I really have no point this.

It is a rough day
For the woman that I love:
I cause her nightmares.

The longest week ends
With no less questions than ‘fore
Hope next week improves.

Saturday is the
Perfect day to shop-vac out
Years of dryer lint.

One thousand years old
Sure you would think that is old
But what do you know?

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