Friday, February 12, 2010

Gods News Behind the News

Washington D.C.
God’s pinkie nail can halt your
Tower of Babel

It might still be on the air but years and years ago the radio station I worked for had a program on it called "God's News Behind The News." The guy who hosted it had a funny little voice and after the introduction I usually tuned him out. But this week when I heard about the record snowfall that closed down Washington D.C. (and many other left-coast cities) so that even our ever-diligent "MUST FORCE THIS IMPORTANT LEGISLATION THROUGH THIS WEEK EVEN THOUGH WE HAVEN'T READ THE 2000 PAGE BILL AND IT DOESN'T GO INTO EFFECT FOR THREE YEARS" Representatives couldn't get to work I couldn't help but chuckle. Now I'm not one who sees a demon under every rock or one who thinks that God is a Republican but more and more I see God's hand behind "coincidences" in life. Yeah, call in the nut wagon.

But in this case, even though the Democrats said they would not try to force through legislation before they lose their super majority they ARE politicians and politicians lie like fish like water. I could go into the supposed transparency where members of the opposing side, not to mention the public, isn't even invited to meetings or... well, I guess one could fill a library with the lies of politicians. So anyway, even IF there wasn't going to be some last minute chicanery I've long believed that Congress does it's best work when it's out of session and the congress-folk pay a visit to their second homes in the states that vote them into a job. Imagine if you will, some of the most powerful people in the country (a role which the Founding Fathers envisioned as part-time job taken on for a year or two in addition to your regular job, serving your country for a short time for little pay), all puffed up with their importance and the big plans they have and God can shut them down with a little snow. Do you think conjuring up this much snow was any problem for God? It was less than a pinkie nail worth of effort for the Big Guy. Make a blizzard in February that not only shuts down Washington D.C. but also throws egg in the face of the proven lie known as Global Warming? No problemo. Even a giant snowstorm in July wouldn't be much of a task for One who rained down plagues on Egypt or brought the dead back to life. For all our human egos God can bring our lives to a sharp stop with a simple snowstorm. Just think what He can do if He does one of them thar miracles...


Big Doofus (Roger) said...

I only read the first 17 syllables of this post...or, maybe not.

Looks like Dr. Ray Brubaker passed away last year.

Anonymous said...

Ray was a personal friend - His website is VERY popular, with thousands of downloads of his (remake) Classic Radio" and over 60 of his books. Ray was very genuine.

Uvulapie said...

Thanks for the link! I might have to buy a download as a tip of the hat. I don't doubt that Ray was genuine, unlike some of the wacky paid shows we used to play. And it must be saying something that out of the dozens of different shows it's his I most clearly remember... so perhaps I didn't tune him out as much as I thought.