Friday, April 23, 2010

The Afternoon

First I found this page while looking up the answer to a "debate" my wife and I have over reheating food that's been left out too long and the next thing I know I'm an expert on eating grasshoppers, making waterproof matches, and building a shelter out of twings and debris.

Of course this will all come in plenty helpful when, uh, when, well, just when.


Ricky H said...

But nary a word on how to run a power wheelchair on pine needles and bear poop (or something equally abundant in the great outdoors), so the site doesn't do me much good. Oh wait,...I'm not one of the fittest that the term survival-of-the-fittest refers to. Bummer.

Would've loved to have heard y'all's "debate" about heating up food that's been left out too long, though.

Uvulapie said...

I think there was a page on how to turn pine saplings into portable ramps but it has a secret link and I've forgotten the code.

The disagreement was that I thought that you can reheat food that's been left out and kill all the germs. While that's true, I found, the heat doesn't kill the toxins the buggies made while enjoying your luke-warm vittles. So we were both right, right?

Ricky H said...

You've forgotten the code??? I'll remember that when I'm stuck in a swamp as I'm trying to escape the collapse of Western civilization as we (think) we know it. Man, I hope you survivors can live with yourselves.

In the leftover vittles department: I've always been fascinated by how widely opinions vary on how long said food-stuffs remain safe to eat.

I know folks who'll cook a big crock pot full of chili, and just leave it sittng on the counter till it's gone. Just keep the lid on it, and turn it on whenever you want to heat some up.

My youngest brother is extremely reluctant to eat anything more than 3 days old - even if it's been in a sealed container in the refrigerator the whole time.

I know some who will eat anything that's been kept cold and doesn't smell funny, even if it's 2 weeks old.

And I've known others who refuse to eat leftovers of any kind - if it isn't eaten at the meal, it's thrown away (which was kind of odd, because they had expensive tastes, but limited income).

Good to know about the toxins, though. I don't have enough things to worry about.