Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Blog?

I might be adding a new "resolution" to my pack. My current list includes writing and recording four songs this year (#1 is halfway recorded) and writing three short stories. The "short stories" bit may be exchanged for completing so many chapters of a non-fiction book I started a few years ago but the point is that I'm writing something more than CD reviews.

However I've recently come across a need for a conversational apologetics "curriculum." You know, something that sounds like a discussion. Something like a blog. My two older sons are a bit at a disadvantage spiritually in that they attend public school and I didn't really become serious about their spiritual education until recently. So I've picked up a few things from Answers In Genesis and some books that were formative for me in my early faith but these all tend to get bogged down in details. I want details, just not an excruciating minute level of details or three examples of the point they are trying to make, complete with pronounceable names of long dead scientists.

So unless someone has a good suggestion of something they have personally used it looks like I might be writing up my own. And I'm pretty busy right now so I'd love it if someone could spare me another writing assignment. Please?


Jon Swerens said...

Andrew: We need to have you folks over to talk these things over. We may have some ideas! And even if we don't, those are great questions to be asking. said...

I like the Swerens <3

Jon Swerens said...

I called you Andrew. That's because I know an Andrew Hoffman. And my brain is stupid. Sorry, Jason. (sad trombone)

Uvulapie said...

I thought you knew we named Andrew Andrew because that's my middle name.

Brooke said...

How about it is about......... (you ready?) ME! yes me your child i am a star!
yes yes yes i know you are Di'en
to have me on ur blog but if you don't want to ;) but of course you do Lol (I have been watching mom on facebook today can you tell :) )