Monday, April 23, 2012

And So It Goes - American Community Survey Part 2

I just received my second American Community Survey in the mail on Saturday. Based on what I had read I was expecting it to arrive a week ago and since it had not I had the silly hope that one of the representatives that I had contacted actually did something and took me off the list.

Alas, that was not to pass. One replied with a form letter on a different subject, meaning that I probably selected the incorrect item in the Subject drop-down on their site. My least favorite actually responded with a letter on the subject, referring to a bill that would make the the survey optional. Nice but it won't help me at the present moment. The third did not respond at all.

Next up is the Fed Ex delivery!

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Uvulapie said...

Adam - I accidentally deleted your comment with this new-fangled setup they have going. But I agree - Sixpence would make an interesting version of The Warbler!