Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Penguin Point Review - Chicken Strip Basket

Everything lined up perfectly for a trip through the local Penguin Point on my way home and I had a coupon for a Chicken Strip basket (see above). I grabbed two cups o' ketchup inside the store and hurried out to my car so the employees wouldn't see me taking a picture. The items were piping hot, though I've never been around a hot pipe, and I dug into the fries first. Crinkly and deep fried. No complaints here! Then the dinner roll, which is just like I remember them being as a child. Nothing special but nothing bad. They provided one plastic tub of plastic margarine goop which went back into the bag. I ate a few bites and figured that was enough of the gummy white bread so I put the rest in the bag.

Three chicken strips and a container of slaw remained. There was no wee cups of BBQ sauce included and no offer of any kind of sauce was made inside so the chicken strips would have to be eaten plain. The things I endure for this blog. I'm no fan of slaw but figured that since I'm doing a review that I should at least take a bite. A small bite. I looked for a fork or a spoon, of which they included neither... only a knife. Odd. Well, a knife of slaw is about all I'd want to eat anyway so I opened the lid and instead of icky slaw the wee styrofoam container contained GRAVY!!!

I think I heard angels sing.

White gravy with flecks of pepper! It was like opening a present at Christmas that you are sure contains socks but instead houses an Android*. I was literally stunned for a few moments. You can bet that I dug the rest of that dinner roll out of the bag for a hot dip! The crunchy, crispy chicken strips were also baptized. T'was a meal highly recommended!!!

Why don't more fast food restaurants offer gravy as an option? Imagine how great a Wendy's baked potato would be drowning in gravy? Or maybe some gravy to give your hashbrown a dip? Deep fry that burger, toss on some gravy (over the fries too) and you've got a poor mans Fried Steak!

*Or an iPod if you're one of those Apple die-hards.

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