Friday, May 30, 2014

Penguin Point - Fried Chicken Keel and Pineapple Turnover

The time had come
The time was now
Jason A. Hoffmana
Would you try a keel now?

I was hungry after a small lunch and figured that dinner would be late due to my wife's schedule that day so I decided that the Penguin would get my money instead of some Scottish clown. Aside from the chicken strips I had not yet tasted their chicken and so it was the keel for me. Keel? Leg, wing, thigh. All these I know but keel? And rib? Gimme a rack of chicken ribs! Instead they make the breast of a chicken into three pieces, lopping off the top to make the keel, an all white meat piece with no bones but a small bit of cartilage. The coating was not at all crispy, reminding me of grocery story chicken. It's flavor, and that of the meat which was moist but not dripping with oil, which was enjoyable but a tad too salty. $2.29 isn't a bad price for white meat but for $6 I can get an entire chicken at Kroger of about the same quality and saltiness.

One thing I like about Penguin Point is that they have a huge menu and constantly rotate new items. Right now they have a Spanish Footlong Hotdog for $3.49. I'm not sure what makes it Spanish... possibly they don a sombrero when passing you your food. But as you can see from the picture I did not order the Spanish Footlong Hotdog, or else it's the oddest hotdog ever served. Instead I fell prey to another special item ("Back for a limited time!"), the Pineapple Turnover. As you can see from it's imperfect shape, these are made up and fried on the premises when you order them. In fact it was so hot that it made the lava inside McDonald's pies seem like ice cream. I was able to handle this four inch pastry only after putting on my welding gloves which I keep with me at all times because my wife is so smokin' HOT! But I digress. What we have here is a circular piece of dough with a plop of pineapple filling, folder over, sealed, deep fried, and topped with some powdered sugar icing whose flavor seemed to overpower everything else. Yes, I could taste the pastry and it was surprisingly flaky, but I only caught hints of pineapple. They also sell cherry, peach and apple turnovers though at $1.99 for a tiny treat I'm going to be hard pressed to part with my moolah.

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