Monday, August 11, 2014

The Worlds Most Expensive Vegetables - Part 14

Has it really been almost a month since I made a garden post? YIKES! Well, in the last month it's been harvest time and bug time and leaves mysteriously going white or dying off.  Good times!

First the good!  Lots of vittles have come out of the garden:
1#+ green beans ($2.00 organic price est)
2# green beans ($3 organic)
2# green beans ($3 organic)
1 Italian squash $1
3 Zucchini - $5 (total of 12 cups shredded)
4 small black peppers - $1
rosemary - meh - no charge
Carrot lovers - $1
Handful of small carrots - $1
More cherry tomatoes - $1
Head broccoli - $1
4# green beans - $5 organic
5# roma and cherry tomatos - organic $6
Big buncha carrots - 3# - $5 organic
More onions - $1
More strawberries - They keep on pumpin out - $1
=$37 making the cost so far $445 ($482 balance - $37).  WHOO HOO!

  We loves us some colorful carrots!

We are also on the verge of TomatoGeddon 2014!  The Bonnie's Best are giving us about one lovely orb per day but this other plant is gearing up for an assault.
And then there's my "experiment", the only tomato plant started from seed that has yet to ripen any fruit. I have a problem with "experiments" in that I see a weed or something and I leave it alone because I'm curious what it will become. But I forget to take notes so by the time it's ready I forget what I was wondering about.
Our corn is doing well. I didn't plant many because at the time my family was allergic. Because of the few plants I've had to hand germinate the tassels, a fun time for early morning hours. Then I found out that sweet corn is plentifully available just a mile down the road. Oh well. In the big city you don't find your neighbors selling cheap sweet corn and tomatoes but in the sticks it's a different story.
Let's talk about melons, shall we? I didn't know cantaloupe grow in paints, looking up very gonady. My fingers are crossed that these will actually make it to maturity before the vine dies off. I've had problems with dying vines.
Or the vines turn white and spotty. Naughty naughty!

However here's one that may end up in my belly, a white fleshed watermelon. Beside it is the only honeydew that fruited but the vine died off before it got larger than a baseball. Inside it smelled like a cucumber (most of my cucumber vines have dies, by the way) and the kids ate it even though it was only partially ripe. Silly rabbits.
As a final note to self, I very recently planted some fall harvest carrots and expanded our pea patch, also for fall harvest. I also tore out some more broccoli. I just don't have luck with this... the head seems nice and then I forget to cut the head off and by the time I remember it's all gangy and not appetizing. Also the cauliflower plants all have nice big leaves but no head for us to eat.

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