Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pizza Review - Ginos East Single Serving Frozen Pizza

I haven't been to Chicago since before Obama stole into office. Since that time my aversion to the windy city has only grown as I've learned more about the absolute corruption of their government. If I can help it they won't get a single dime out of my moolah. But if there's one thing that would lure me back for a quick visit it would be to grab a deep dish pizza pie from Gino's East. However as no pizza is worth seven hours roundtrip of driving, plus the cost of gas, I didn't figure I'd ever eat another Gino's creation.

Until I saw this in the freezer section of Meijer.

Okay, so I know it's frozen pizza and would likely be a poor imitation of the original but still I had to try. I mean, what if somehow they got it right and I was able to again enjoy Gino's pizza? It was worth a five dollar gamble.

The first thing I noticed when opening the package is that Chicago had ripped me off. The pizza was tiny, leaving a full inch of space on the top and bottom and close to two inches of space on the sides. Still, it was appropriately thick. I popped that sucker into the oven (recommended over microwaving by the instructions) and waited the prescribed amount of time, letting it cool for two minutes per the instructions.

And? They got the crust right. It's almost like a savory pie crust, similar to Uno restaurants. The sauce was as I remember it tasting so I was also pleased. However instead of the thick slabs of sausage on their store pizzas, well, I could barely detect either the sausage or the pepperoni. Boo! Also the very middle was not completely cooked.

Overall it is very good for a frozen pizza, especially if cooked longer, and about as close to the real thing as you could expect from frozen. However the lack of meat and deceptive box size (which makes me think I'm getting mugged) will keep me from buying this again. However I hear they have a two pound version in stores as well...

For more info you can go here.

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