Monday, December 14, 2015

Hard Root Beer Review - McGillicuddy Liquor

Upon cracking the cap of Dr. McGillicuddy's Root Beer Liqueur my first thought was "It's Barq's!" which isn't necessarily a bad thing as I've always viewed Barq's as having the most complex flavor of all the big-bottler root beers. Granted there isn't much nuance but at least there's a little.

As for taste, well, it's no Blackmaker but it's also not syrupy sweet. It also lacks any of the weird after-tastes that beer root beers seem to have, which makes sense in that you're just adding flavoring to a neutral spirit. The flavor itself was good but lacked much in the way of depth, kind of like a root beer barrel candy but a good root beer barrel candy, perhaps something made in small batches and sold with pride at farmers markets. But now I'm just making things up.

This stuff is 21% octane and about $12 a bottle so it won't break the ol' bank. It's good enough to drink by itself (with some ice, of course) although apparently most people mix it with something else to make fancy mixed drinks with itty bitty umbrellas.

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