Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hard Root Beer Review - Root Sellers

Next up in the hard root category is by a company called Root Sellers. They also make a hard birch beer but I haven't ventured that far off the beaten path.

I'll get right down to the punch and state that this is the best hard root beer (not liquor*) that I've had yet. The maker is proud of it's high quality and actually lists the ingredients on the label! These include "botanicals, molasses and pure cane sugar". They are also proudly and staunchly gluten free so Celiacs rejoice!

Flavor-wise it's got a good, strong root beer flavor up front with a bit of odd aftertaste on the tail end, though not enough to put one off the trail. This stuff is obviously not flavoring added to beer which makes me wonder if this after-taste is a natural part of brewing hard root beer. There are some nice nuances of vanilla but the flavor isn't overly complex, though it is very authentic. It also isn't gaggingly sweet, like you're drinking candy. There's also just enough carbonation to keep things interesting.

Root Sellers puts this 6.7% product in generously-sized pint cans, selling for about ten bucks for four pints. Not as pricy as imports of delicious dark British stout but still...

* R.I.P. Blackmaker

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