Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Powerade Review - Tropical Mango

If you haven't inferred from my lack of posts, I've lost the excitement of trying all the alcoholic root beers in the world. I still haven't covered Coney Island or the brand that I found at Aldi or the bottom shelf Dekuyper and Hiram Walker root beer Schnapps (Schnappses?). Maybe when another hard Indiana winter hits I'll be feeling the need to warm my blood but right now it's toasty and warm which makes me want something that isn't syrupy sweet.

Which is why I'm tackling a new challange of trying every flavor* of Poweraid!
It's also a lot more affordable. I bought all of these, plus two more to complete the set, for about the cost of a single six-pack of that pseudo-micro-brew stuff. Look at all them purdy unnatural colors!

I originally was going to steal a page from The Olde Man and do a video review, showing my reaction upon tasting each flavor. I would solomnly swish the drink around my mouth, ponder my sensations, and then announce that it tasted like chicken. Funny, no? But upon reviewing my first foray into the world of vlogs I remembered why God made faces like mine to be behind the camera. However three of my kids were nearby so I hastily had them give the stuff to try and found their reactions to be similar to mine, though far superior in terms of entertainment value. Pay no attention to their lack of proper attire... that's just how us homeschoolers roll***.

So without any further ado, here's their reaction to Tropical Mango Poweraid!

* Every regular flavor. That non-calorie Zero stuff just has a wicked aftertaste.

** I actually tried to use the < BLINK > code to make this line blink but I guess it's not supported. I am so uncool I'm cool!

*** However I will make sure that in the future they will at least wear more than undergarments.

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