Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beware the PHANTOM!

Tonight I thought I heard strange music coming from the basement. Odd, I thought, since it was 2 a.m. and everyone was asleep. Did I leave a radio on? Being the cheapskate that I am I didn't want to waste the electricity to power a radio all night (street value 3 cents) so I got out of bed and walked through a dark house, down two flights of steps and into my workshop/music area. Lo and behold (fo shizzle too, for that matter) but what to my wondering eyes did appear but the Phantom of the Hoffmans playing my keyboard!

The music was bewitching and I did my best not to make a sound, part in fear of being discovered and part in fear that the music would end. The Phantom finished the piece with a flourish and then, proving he knew I was there all along, slowly turned his horrible glowing eyes my way, hissed a hair-standing noise, and then disappeared into thin air.

* Parts of this story may be fabricated. The part of the Phantom may have been played by Matthew who I actually did find playing the keyboard in his costume. And a.m. might have been p.m.


Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

He looks like one of the Jawas from Star Wars.

Uvulapie said...

Shhh... don't tell him that. He thinks he looks like the Grim Reaper from the game Grabbed By The Ghoulies. Which reminds me... The boy needs a scythe.

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

He's too young for a scythe. Start him out with a mace.