Thursday, April 3, 2008


It's spring break in our city and it struck me while driving in to work (insert car crash joke here) how comparably empty the streets are. It's like in summer and about 1/3 of the cars and buses are missing from the street.

Which makes me come to this conclusion: forced busing and public schools in general are contributing to global warming. Yeah, all three are liberal ideas and two of them are easily dismissed with a bit of research, but if you wake the liberal/progressive line of thinking there is no doubt... PUBLIC SCHOOLS CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING.

And... 15546 words and less than 23 hours of unlistened music. I know all two of my readers were wondering.

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Big Doofus said...

I turned my "Recently Played" widget back on and it's on my blog. I finally figured out how to get scrobbling to work on Windows Media Player. Now you can see what I'm listening to. Strangely enough, it also keeps track of how many times I eat pudding.