Sunday, July 26, 2009

News From The Front

Day Two of the Siege:

Some time during the night a hoard of Cherries turned . We found them first thing, smiling back at us with their cheery red faces, wearing their socialism proudly. Our eldest daughter dispatched them quickly.

Two Better Boys are making their way over the hill. Big guys. One looks like it's almost here but the one will most definitely reach out camp by nightfall. Like I said, they're big but it's early in the battle and I think we can take 'em without much of a problem. If not they can cool their heels with yesterdays scout.

Fortunately that's all there is to report at this time. The Mountain Heirloom unit still seems to be trying to get organized and Commander Stripey's unit appears to only have two troops still in training. We'll have to keep an eye on those Cherries, though. There's a lot of 'em and sooner or later it's going to take more than a ten year old girl to keep up.

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