Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Book Review - Testimony by Neal Morse

Neal Morse's autobiography, Testimony is a dandy of a book! It's a very quick read and I found it difficult to put down, taking whatever opportunity I had to sneak away for a few minutes. As the chapters are brief and the reading easy, I could often wolf down a chapter in only a handful of minutes.

And therein lies it's only problem. Yes, the book is a story of Neal's conversion and to that end it is very streamlined. However many, MANY times I found myself wanting more details surround the creation of various Spock's Beard and solo albums. There were no details on his relationships with Kevin Gilbert or Randy George or much of anyone. There were very few tour stories and entire years were passed over quickly. I can see the point in not bogging down the narrative with non-Testimony details but still...

However for all that, it's well worth the money (available here and many times it encouraged me to deepen my walk with Christ and to allow Him free reign over my life. Scary, indeed!

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