Monday, December 24, 2012

"Food" Review - Banquet Deep Dish Sausage & Gravy

It was a pure impulse buy. But when I saw this bright, cheery yellow box at the store with the words "SAUSAGE & GRAVY" on it, I knew that I was soon to be parted with eighty-eight cents. So how was it? Even though it only contained 18% meat, as compared to the usual 25% meat in their regular meat pies, I can say that it was quite tasty. Yummy, even. Much better than the mini fruit pies they started selling recently. However against my better judgement I read the ingredients. Soy (probably GMO) protein, BHA AND BHT, hydrogenated (probably GMO) cottonseed oil, mysterious "flavoring". But for a manufactured food product the list was relatively short and included many normal ingredients such as nonfat dry milk (fortified with vitamins A & D) , wheat flour (probably GMO), and water (possibly fluoridated). It's been a full ten minutes and my stomach hasn't exploded so I'll give this one a thumbs up! Way to go, ConAgra Foods!

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