Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Weight Gain?

Two great ways to control your weight over Thanksgiving:

1) Be pregnant and nauseous
2) Get a cold and lose all appetite the day after
3) Eat only giblets

Melynda picked option 1, I picked number 2. The cold wasn't severe (no need to send cards or flowers but e-mails notifying me that you've sent an anonymous e-card are encouraged) but it's given me an unusual dueling pain around the kidneys. Saturday night left me unable to sleep and my sleep-deprived brain conjured up the possibility that the pain was the result of pnemonia. A quick check of the Encyclopedia Britannica (I'm old school) found no trace of fever. Shoof! Sunday night I woke up at 2:15 wondering if perhaps it was a kidney stone. Fortunately I fell back asleep and didn't waste any time on it. We all know that back pains during a cold are the natural result of cold germs taunting our kidneys with miniature cocktail spears.


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