Friday, July 18, 2008

From Some News Article

"Being African-American, you know, I do have some biases," said John Douglas, 67, of Villa Rica, Ga., an Obama supporter. He said the pride and thrill he feels about the possibility of the first black president "has been building up for my lifetime, it's been building up since the inception of our country."

"Being caucasion, you know, I'm not allowed to have biases," said Uvulapie, 37, of Indiana, a conservative candidate supporter. He said the pride and thrill he feels about the possibility of being able to vote for any Presidential candidate who might even remotely reflect his conservative Constitutionally-based values "has been something I've been longing for since I was first able to vote in 1989."

I may have posted this before (my brain has never been known for it's memory) but for years I voted for "the lesser of two evils" because I didn't want to "throw my vote away" on some third party candidate. But guess what? For twenty years I've been throwing my vote away on wishy washy candidates who refuse to support the Constitution. No more! I doubt that the Country Club Republicans will get the message when they lose votes this election... look at what happened during the 1992 election with Ross Perot and they just called it a fluke and gave us another lukewarm candidate in 1988. At least I will be voting my conscience. I had a revered professor in college who said that you vote based on a persons character because character dictates how they will handle the issues. That man was wise, but not wise beyond his years 'cause he was pretty old. Enjoy your retirement Hopalong!


reunionpi said...

The last time Ross Perot ran for President was 1996. The last time he voted was 1994. Perot's company and his campaign owe New York State overdue taxes of over $15,000.00

mike said...

Taken from the faq on the Constitution Party website:

"A person’s vote is truly wasted when he does not use it to express his actual beliefs."

Chuck Baldwin '08
Ron Paul '08
!!Viva La Revolution!!

Uvulapie said...

ReunionPi... never heard of you... do you do daily blog searches for "Perot" so you can direct them to your site? I didn't care much for the man (though he was silly and I'll always remember the wacky VP debates) and didn't vote for him.

Big Doofus said...

I still think that you can "vote your conscience" by pulling the lever (or hitting the button) for the lesser of two bad candidates. At this point, your vote is AGAINST the really bad guy to keep his rear end out of office. That's not a bad thing...but I understand what you're saying and I share your frustration. Ever since Pat Paulsen died, I've given up hope for a REAL President.