Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've come to the realization that I must be a ghost.

I have this uncanny ability to walk through crowded post-church service hallways without anyone making eye contact or acknowledging my presence -doesn't matter if it's a narthex or a "fellowship hall", mainline Protestant or independent, member or visitor.

The other day I was talking to a co-worker in his office and within three minutes two different people came in and started talking to him as if I wasn't there.

And then today I get an e-mail invitation to a musical performance by a friend from college and another "multi-instrumentalist" musician he knows. Hmmmm.... a quick check of my e-mail confirms that I didn't imagine that a year ago I had originally been invited to join this friend and his friend in a musical combo to see what might develop. The only thing to be decided on was the date of our first practice and then nothing and more nothing until this e-mail.

So I guess the decision now is either to become a poltergeist or quietly fade into oblivion.


UPDATE: I went for the poltergeist and wrote back, stating that I'm not owed an explanation but that I was curious as to what happened. The response is that this recent group happened very recently and spontaneously (they go to the same church) and that one of his covert goals was to get me to the gig to see if it might be something I'd be interested in. It would have been nice if he had sent me an e-mail with this info instead of including me on a blanket invitation but at least I now have the full story. The pity party has ended but I'm still a ghost... nearly all bass players are.


Big Doofus said...

So, you're a ghost SPERM? Did you closely study that cartoon?

Uvulapie said...

But at least I'm a HAPPY ghost sperm!