Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now I'll Vacillate Over To Being Positive

In the wake of the recent election one has to wonder, has America gone completely left-wacko socialist?


Consider that Obama went against his first campaign promise to limit financing to $84 million. It took $650 million (plus all the free positive media attention including over 50 magazine covers including six times on Time) to get him 62,000,000 votes and it only took McCain the limited $84 million to get his 62,000,000 votes in spite of constant negative media. Is anyone asking how much Michelle Obama's outfit cost last night? Also of note is how very early on McCain started pulling his punches, hamstringing his election team by placing such glaring issues as Obamas close ties with Rev. Wright in the "forbidden" zone. It's not playing dirty politics if you are telling the truth.

To get these votes Obama also had to publicly repudiate all of his past (ultra liberal) positions on guns, abortion, illegal immigration, school vouchers, past associations. He had to move to the center to get these votes. The same can be said for many of the Democrat Senators and Congresspeoples who received the vote. On a side note, no one will ever know just how many of these 62,000,000 votes came from ACORN-induced voters. Take those out of the equation and it's possible that McCain won the popular vote.

Finally McCain isn't exactly someone voters got excited about. One poll stated that adding the very conservative Palin increased his numbers by 13%. I know at my house we were very humdrum about McCain until he added Palin to the ticket.

Add all these up, plus the overwhelming support for traditional marriage, and it's actually fairly encouraging.

I've been reading a bit of the book Liberal Fascism, not exactly breezy reading, but in a chapter on Woodrow Wilson and his ideas were just as socialistic as Obamas. For instance it was a crime during WWI to criticize the government EVEN IN YOUR OWN HOME. Publications were shut down if they even hinted that the government was making a mistake and woah to the man who refused to buy enough Liberty Bonds.

But even with all those oppressive rules they could not change the hearts of the people, the hearts that voted in droves (popular vote, not electoral college) for McCain despite such towering odds. Even when the oppression begins and taxes go up for everyone (sure, income taxes may stay the same or even drop a bit but there will be Carbon taxes to crank up the prices of electricity and gas) and those who stand against el presidente get investigated (not uncommon during the Clinton years as well) the truth will remain in the hearts of America and that truth will eventually make things right again.

* Thanks to Glenn Beck for providing much of the meat of this post.


Jane said...

Thanks for this. I missed Glenn today. :)

Uvulapie said...

I'm always glad to regurgitate material!