Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All Over The Place

It must be tough to be a liberal/Democrat and look yourself in the mirror these days.

The most recent straw was having your anti-war president agree to send 17,000 troops to Aphganistan.

Earlier that same day your enviro-friendly president took an unnecessary trip to Denver to sign the "stimulus" bill. Whenever the President of the United States travels it isn't just a single private airplane, which is bad enough if you're truly concerned about the environment. First there is an airplane with his armored limo. Then there's Air Force One. And there's also an identical airplane that flies at the same time as a decoy. Talk about a giant carbon footprint every time he flies on an airplane whether it's to Denver, Russie, or the Circle K! This one trip, just because he felt the need to "get out", emitted more of those pesky greenhouse gases than my entire family will emit in an entire year.

But of course the liberal motto is always "Do as I say, not as I do." Hey Gore - wink wink.

And he had to sign this emergency bill because emergencies are great for pushing through legislation that otherwise would make people's eyes bleed. Which is why I don't think O'Bomberman is all that concerned about preventing another terrorist strike. You read that right. I really don't think the current acting President of the United States cares if innocent civilians die as a result of a terrorist attack because then it's another emergency and another opportunity to grab more power. I didn't care much for Bush (Jr. or Sr.) but at least it can be said that he kept this country safe for nearly eight years.

One more time on the "need" for this stimulus package. Under Clinton (Democrat) there was the Community Reinvestment Act that was used by ACORN to pressure banks to make bad loans to people who would not normally meet the requirements for said housing loans. But they got the loans because they were minorities and there were quotas to meet. The banks were eager to get these extremely risky loans off their books and sold them to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, a government institution that mascaraeded as a private institution. The Republicans tried SEVENTEEN TIMES to get some regulation, oversight, or auditing on the issue but were consistently blocked. By Democrats. Democrats who received millions of dollars from Freddie and Fannie. Republicans too were on the take, though only a small percentage compared to the Democrats (and shame on them that any of them took any money... shame on lots of things).

Guess who received the second most money in all of Congress even though he was only there a handful of years? O'Bomberman.

Freddie and Fannie then bundled these bad loans into high-grade securities and sold them on the stock market. A very good explanation of how this all worked is here.
Eventually the banks were full of bad risky loans, Freddie and Fannie were full of bad risky papers, and the stock market was full of bad risky securities, all as a result of the forced quota system. A house of cards. Topple topple topple as soon as these loans, which any actuary would tell you would have an extremely high default rate, began to default.

But at least we can sit back and watch the trailer for Blood Freak, the world's only Christian Slasher Anti-Drug movie. And kids, that's not a paper mache turkey mask... it's a mutated turkey-guy. Warning - it's a bit bloody.

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Brent Augustus said...

Watch blood freak sign the stimulus bill in Colorado instead of his office in D.C.