Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yahoo couldn't find it. Neither could Google. Even the local PBS station listings had a mysterious blank spot at 11 pm. I KNEW (or hoped) that I wasn't imagining this odd little show that I would watch with Tessa in the late night hours. You see, it had this computer animated from and a live host. A live host in a goldenrod yellow T-shirt. And an orange face. A jet black hair. And magenta lipstick. And drawn-in eyebrows. A live host that makes these "I love you but I'M GONNA FRICKIN' KILL YOU" faces at the frog. I'm fairly certain they weren't going for the crazed lunatic look but that's exactly what they got. It's also named "Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld". Not Ribit.

More research shows that you can go to the show's official site or even click over to host James Bondy's official site where you can see him without the orange makeup and order an autographed photo or his CD, Songs of the Heart which is chock-full of showtunes! Don't bother to click on the fanpage link - that MySpace page is closed.

If you're really up for a good time click here for the show's closing song! Embedding disabled by request.


lyndithepooh said...

you hahaha you lolol! your funny!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I apreciate the possitve comments about the show. It's your right to comment on what you feel and what you see. But just to set the record straight; I'm not wearing "Orange Makeup", nor am I wearing any lipstick. My eyebrows are 100% real, and my hair is dark brown." I suggest you upgrade to a better computer monitor.
And thanks for checking out my website, but I wouldn't say that 3 songs from Broadway Musicals on my album is considered "CHOCK_FULL". And if you'd like an autographed photo, I'd be happy to send you one for free...

Me said...

Now you've done it, hunny! Now you have a real reason to be scared.

Uvulapie said...


Thank you for responding! I honestly thought the orange-ish makeup, etc. was a stylistic decision to make you into a human cartoon, kinda like the Putterman Duracell family of bygone days. Our TV is rather old (it has a built-in VCR!) but it might be an issue with the interaction of your shirt and skin. If you can provide the Pantone number that your skin tone is supposed to register I will calibrate my TV and monitors accordingly.

In any case I really do enjoy Ribert and Robert and so does my daughter. There's just something "slightly off" about the show, whether it's intentional or not, that I find appealing. Maybe it's just that Canadian sensibility 'cause I also liked the first season of "You Can't Do That On Television".

Hope your career going swimmingly and that you get to film even more episodes of Ribert and Robert's Worldworld!


Me said...

James! The faces you make at the frog are TWISTED COOL!!!!!!! They crack me up everytime!

Uvulapie said...

Mr. Brody,

Fair is fair! Here is a link to my songs. Feel free to listen, have a good laugh with the wife, and then leave scathing comments on this here blog.

bootzomega said...

sorry sir,
my dad is funny,
some times too funny,