Monday, February 9, 2009


Less than one month in and Obama is out of ideas. First his self-touted transparent campaign that vowed never to hire lobbyists hires a few lobbyists and throws up some unusual media roadblocks (links available but right now I'm too lazy to look them up again) but his uber-ethical candidates for high-ranking positions in his cabinet keep getting nailed for not paying their taxes. One self-professing liberal stated that they would like to think it was just an oversight on their part. On the parts of MANY of these Democrats. Something just smells funny.

Then I read this where Obama is hitting the road to sell his mega-"Put your grandkids into slavery"-"Stimulus" plan and all I could think about is how some had characterized him as someone who never really had to work all that hard in life. His college was paid for by a Marxist group, his grades were, well, we don't really know what his grades were but we do know that he's way smarter than that dummy Bush who only has an IQ of 129. I digress. Obama doesn't need a single Republican vote to get this passed through the House so why try to drum up public support? Why try to get Republicans to vote for it? Could it be that it's a giant load of festering pork that won't stimulate the economy but might very well cause a huge implosion? If that's the case then let's make sure the Republicans are in on it so when things go south the Media can blame the evil Republicans for the mess.

The other thing that I thought about, and this ties in with Obama's "spoiled frat boy" personna who has really passed any legislation, is that he doesn't really know how to work with people to get things done. He's used to smiling and speaking and people wet themselves with glee and do whatever he wants. Suddenly it's not so easy. So what does he do? He goes back to what he knows how to do and steps back on the campaign trail!

But at least he paid for gas in that lady's tank and her February mortgage.

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mike said...

What's worse: what you said, or that a majority of Americans voted for him?