Thursday, April 16, 2009

How To Build Monkey Bars - Part 3

We're over halfway done! Have some skittles.

11. DON'T CUT any of the ten foot boards.

12. Layout and DRILL holes in two of the ten foot boards like you did in step 2 EXCEPT instead of marking/drilling the holes every twelve inches do the first one eleven inches from the bottom and then drill them every fourteen inches after that. What? Do you really need a picture of this? Paintbox to the rescue!

13. CUT eight pieces of dowels to 21 inches long.

14. INSERT dowels, add top piece, pound away, SANDWICH with the undrilled, uncut ten foot boards and SCREW them together between the rungs. If this seems like deja vu it is! See steps 4, 5, and 6 for a refresher course.

15. CUT two 2 21" pieces from the very last eigh foot 2X4. It's been a real champ, hanging in there while all of it's brothers got picked.

16. SCREW these 24" pieces onto the ends of the top ladder. Make sure things are all square-like before screwing. Two, three, or four screws per end, your choice.

17. CUT four brace pieces from whatever scraps you have left (remember the orphans from step 9?). First cut them to 26" (a shade more or less is okay) and then set your miter to 45 degrees and chop them as shown below.
18. Time to ASSEMBLE! If you have a friend or a sibling go get them. Otherwise any Person of Convenience or neighbor will do.

Next up - Almost there!


Trevor said...

where is page 4!!!!!

Uvulapie said...

I fixed the link. If you build this please post a photo! One final thing after having my set for years is that I would dip about 2" of each end of the dowel rods into spar varnish. I had one start to rot out... strong enough still for the kids but I wasn't about to put my weight on it.