Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rallys Eat-It-All #5 - Mushroom Swiss & a Stacker

It's been a whirlwind of revelations concerning Rallys.

#1 - They know their clients. There are no wimpy salads on the menu, just greasy diner food. They have kids meals but they aren't advertised and I doubt you get a toy. Maybe a BIC lighter.

#2- Not every store carried every item. After perusing the list I downloaded from the Rallys website I went in and asked for a bacon crispy cheese double. They had no idea what I was talking about. On a whim I asked if they sold tacos. Nope. But some Rallys must. I had a coupon for a free Stacker with purchase so I looked at the menu and picked the mushroom swiss burger from the 2 for $3 area. "That's $1.87 if you order it by itself." I was told. So I panicked and punted and picked a chili dog as my second item. As they were preparing it I had that "DOH!" moment when I remember that I'd already had this item. The plus side is that they only have approximately 35 entree items instead of 63 so I'm farther along than I thought!

Okay, so maybe two isn't exactly a "whirlwind". My brain is full of grease.

Here it is. I'm not a big mushroom fan and I'm not a big fan -o- Swiss cheese but this wasn't too shabby. It's good to try something different now and then. Note also the Strawberry Cheesecake stacker which tasted three times as good because it was free.

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