Friday, August 11, 2017

Rallys/Checkerburger Eat-It-All #2, 3 & 4 : Lots of Stuff

Obviously I haven't kept up with this eating thing. And obviously I'm eating at this place way too much. I'm not saying that the food tastes bad but if I don't have leftovers to bring, or don't have a decent portion of leftovers, I kind of feel like I have to go to Rallys. It's a problem I have.

But let's get started, eh? About a week ago I got the Chicken Bits and Fries box for a paltry two bucks. I didn't have my camera so you don't get to see that these bites are really nibbles. Popcorn chicken or smaller. Twelve pieces and what is probably less than a small fries. The chicken was peppery but good.

A few days later I picked up another 4 for $3 deal, this time the Rallyburger with cheese. Gaze upon it in all it's glory! Actually it's nothing special, just your basic burger. What I like about the walk up area, though, is that you can see straight into the kitchen and see the guy use a special double-nozzled ketchup squirter to apply my favorite condiment and then see him wrap the burger up as fast as any magician. Not bad for a guy who looks like he just got out on probation!

Today I didn't have any leftovers so I walked over and made my selection. The Fry Lovers Burger was certainly a delightful surprise! I had expected a few meager fries but this is a healthy handful! And the mingling of flavors is ooo-la-la! At $1.50 I may have found a challenger to the bacon cheddar crisp!

Last up for today was the chili dog. As you can see they load it with red onions and what is probably the chili they serve when you buy a cuppa chili. I had their chili years and years ago and thought it was somewhat spicy but it didn't seem that way today, although it could have been due to the savory sting of the red onions that overrode the chili and indeed still lingers in my mouth. Not in a bad way, though.

According to my dorky spreadsheet I'm about 12% through my quest. In a month or so it will be too cold to sit outside and eat so I'll likely take a break. But until then, well, I'll be looking for coupons because I'm almost done with the cheapie options.

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