Friday, September 8, 2017

Rallys Eat-It-All #6 - The Big Buford

How can you not love a sandwich named THE BIG BUFORD?!?!? Well, if you happen to love ketchup and this sammich doesn't come with ketchup that's a start.

But first, a correction. I learned on my last visit that Rallys does NOT have kids meals. Pick up a 4 for 3 instead and quit yer blubberin'!

Here's the Big Buford as pictured on the coupon I received 'cause I'm part of the special Rally's Club. Pretty, ain't it? Almost majestic in how it towers above the legalese, with all it's strata clearly visible.

Here's what I got upon opening the wrapper. This burger is squashed and lopsided. Kind of like life.

Let's upon this bad boy up, eh? One slice o' tomater, a smattering of lettuce, some mayo, the burger seems kind of pale (and had pink bits inside, but I suffered no digestive ills overnight) and a surprisingly small amount of red onion. While the two burgers were on the large side there wasn't a lot of flavor, like someone forgot to salt it. Or maybe this one doesn't come with ketchup or mustard. After two bites I added my own ketchup and it went down okay, although I don't think I'll be ordering this one again.

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