Thursday, September 14, 2017

Rallys Eat-It-All #7 - Boneless Chicken & Chicken Dippers

This week's BOGO coupon is for the five piece Boneless Wings and thus it was my lunch today.

Because my taste buds are wimpy I didn't get any of the three hot sauce choices. Selection #1 was Garlic Parmesan. It was quite tasty and perhaps a bit salty. In fact, I'm still tasting the garlic in my mouth even though it's been two hours since I popped these puppies (not real puppies) into my mouth. Yumbo!

Selection #2 was Honey BBQ. The sauce on these is rather tasteless and bland. It's not super sweet, like Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ... it's just kind of there.

Now about these "wings." They ain't wings. They is chicken nuggets. Pretty big ones, too!

Because I thought I'd only be eating a skimpy 10 chicken wings, instead of 10 big nuggets, I also ordered a new item, Chicken Dippers for two dollah. These come with fries and a tub of their "Crazy Good" sauce. It's not crazy good, at least to me. It's a kind of sweet & sour sauce mixed with mustard. The first ingredient is "soybean oil" and further down in the list is MSG... no thanks. But I tried the sauce with one of the five dippers because that is my duty and then I realized that I was already full so I stopped eating.

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