Monday, September 25, 2017

Rallys Eat-It-All #8 - Big Daddy Times Two

Because I have more children than most people have tires on their dump truck I knew that I could resist buying any sandwhich titled "Big Daddy." This beast comes in two varieties, beef and chicken, and they have the same toppings. They were 2 for $5 so I grabbed one of each. Let's unwrap these, shall we?

The first up was the beef. It certainly was big, although the second patty was buried in the bun. They weren't overly large patties so the "big daddy" probably refers to the sandwich as a whole, not to the quantity of meat. And while the crispy onion tanglers were amazingly delicious there was but one lone "grilled onion", and a tiny one at that. Maybe, just maybe, this itty bitty onion had spent some time near a grill recently but definitely not on it. We'll just call that a FAIL and move on from there, shall we? The thousand island sauce was a nice touch but after a few bites I had to add ketchup, just because I love that condiment. The bacon was also nice and tasty, probably two strips of the stuff.

Opening up the chicken Big Daddy I was surprised to find that it too had just one small raw onion which leads me to believe that this is how these items are intended to be made. And there was just one breaded chicken patty, which I guess is to be expected. Overall this one wasn't nearly as tasty as the beef, though you can't blame the chicken. Okay, you can blame the chicken. I suppose if the chicken was coated in a thick, crunchy batter then it would rawk my world. But it's just your standard fast-food softly breaded piece of bird.

I am now at 39% completed, having tasted 14 of Rally's 36 menu items. I reckin' it will cost about $75 to complete this gastronomical feat, assuming they don't drop any items or add new ones before I'm done. Or that I don't suffer some health crisis.

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