Friday, July 20, 2007


Our local school system just asked for, oh, half a BILLION dollars for repairs and enhancements. The taxpayers collected signed petitions against the irresponsible proposal by three to one. Of course instead of backing politely off after seeing the huge tidal wave of response they insisted that the city count and verify (and pay for the counting and verifying of) all 40,000+ signatures. So now it's back the drawing board for the school board.

One thing they are considering is actually looking at trimming the fat from their budget (GASP!). The below is from the WANE TV web site:

Next, is looking at the capital projects fund, which is what the school district normally uses for improvements, and figuring out how to get more maintenance money from it, possibility by reducing the $8-million used for racial balance.

"If the capital projects fund is so drained, we need to look for another source or reduce the budget. That $8-million will go a long way to fix buildings without any borrowing," said school board member Jon Olinger.


What "racial balancing" can cost eight million a year? Forced busing? It really makes you wonder what other pork is crammed into the budget that could be used for, oh, teacher salaries, air conditioning, or any of the other things the school board said they desperately needed.

Since our schools are failing so miserably in math (and English and science and...) how about I help them out a bit. They wanted to tax the taxpayers 500 million and pay it back over thirty years (to the total tune of about $840 with interest). Hmmm... $8 million per year for thirty years is $240 million! All they need to do is find another "racial balance" in the budget and they're set!


Robotface Shumway said...

What we really need is to somehow use our mind-control powers to convince Alan Greenspan to change the national currency to oak leaves. If I recall correctly, the Upright Citizens Brigade nearly pulled it off a few years ago.

Andrea said...

You protest too much, Uvulapie. Melynda told me that even though you homeschool, you LOVE to pay for the public schools because you secretly have a passion for racial balancing. And you're not fooling anyone--you know as well as I do that having the government decide arbitrarily what our taxes pay for is in everyone's best interest. It's common knowledge that they know better than anyone else how to spend money wisely. Oh, and check out for another way to give your money to a good cause.

Robotface Shumway said...

Heh, heh. My wife spelled "gambling" as "gamboling". You have to love our home school skillz.