Monday, July 30, 2007

Increase Your Gas Mileage By 9%!

I just increased my gas mileage by 9% by switching to GEICO!

Or by fixing a collapsed brake line that prevented my right rear brake from fully opening. Since I don't drive all that much I estimate I just saved myself about 2.25 gallons of gas a month, or a whopping $6.75. While fixing this it was necessary to replace the brake pads, the rotor, the bracket, the caliper (maybe didn't need to on that but I was on a roll trying to figure out what was wrong), and the line. Doing the math I found that I'll make my money back in just over two and a half years. After that I'll be rollin' in dough and plan to put that extra $6.75 per month to work for me, possibly by investing it in pinto bean futures.


Robotface Shumway said...

Last year's crop was about a dollar more than 2005. However, with the drought, you might be SOL.

uvualpie said...

Don't tell the feds but I've got a crop of pinto beans growing hydroponically in my basement.