Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm shocked and surprised

Our local paper just reported that the new Democratic mayer, Tom Henry, has hired Ozzie Mitson as one (of three) public information assistants. Mitson is a Republican precinct official and also the campaign manager for Nelson Peters, the party-sponsored Republican candidate that was beaten in the primaries by Matt Kelty.

This only confirms my earlier suspicions when the local Republican party failed to support their candidate... they knew they would get more graft and back scratching with a Democrat politician in office than a non-politician Republican. And they wonder why people are cynical.


Big Doofus said...

Is this the same Tom Henry that wrote, "Hazardous Locations: Workbook of the Code" and "Conduit Bending Book" available from

Uvulapie said...

Yes, his name is on the book but it was actually written by members of the Illuminati Tri-Council Unilateral Sneaky-Snakes, a global organization whose goes is to secretly upload the music of Tom T. Hall onto everyone's iPod.