Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sign Season

Warm weather is here and that means one thing: Illegal Signage.

My wife says I have a problem. You see, it all started fifteen years ago when I bought my first house and saw graffiti spring up on street signs in the neighborhood. Wanting to do my best to protect my property value I started cleaning it off with paint thinner or denatured alcohol. Since that time I've cleaned countless bits of spray paint, paint pens, and stickers.

A year or so ago a new foe caught my eye... those dreaded signs nailed to every tree, post, and slow moving geezer. Despite learning that I could be fined $500 simply for cleaning up an illegal public nuisance (I'm supposed to contact the city with an EXACT address of the sign) I simply MUST ACT!

Because these ne'er-do-wells sometimes stand on the tops of their trucks to nail their signs I've had to get creative... hence the Super-Patented(pending)-Sign-Removal-Device!

Just this past week it brought in a bumper crop!

In other news, can anyone tell me what to expect from this ping-pong sized egg attached to my garage? I'm kinda skeered.


Me said...

Did you really do that to the hammer?

Uvulapie said...

I keep it hidden in the garage so you don't have my committed.

Jane said...

I'm so proud that you're our friends. :)

Uvulapie said...

If you want to maintain your high social standing you'd best be careful in fraternizing with admitted criminals :)

Jane said...


Just go read my comment on elephant child's post June 1.


Big Doofus said...

I created a similar device to remove a garbage can from one of our neighborhood ponds. I think I'll mention that on the old blog.