Thursday, October 30, 2008


The public schools my sons attend will be taking a break from shoving unproven environmental dogma down their throats to have two half days for parent teacher conferences. Today all the parents have to wake up their kids and the bus drivers have to dump all those carbon atoms into the atmosphere so that the kids was make the reverse trip three hours later. In the afternoon are a half day of parent teacher conferences. Tomorrow they do the same thing except my elementary school son will be watching a movie for his three hours and there are no conferences for my middle school son.

Leaving alone the hypocrisy of the enviro-stance, the governmental waste is sickening and common sense is tossed to the wolves. Why not have the kids (gasp) go for a full day of school today, a full REGULAR day where they might learn something, and then have all day off tomorrow for a full day of conferences.

In addition to kids having an extra day of book larnin' and not having all those durned pollutants from automobiles working taxpayers, em, working parents have the added bonus of only having disruption to their work schedule and having to find babysitting for one day instead of two.

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