Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was going to vote early over lunch. Since I work one block away from the city-county building I thought it would be quick and easy. Surely that slowly snaking line is for some rock concert. No? It's for voting? The average wait is two hours? They only have two machines set up? Where are all the thousands of other voting machines just waiting to be delivered for Tuesday? Not here, eh? Could they be brought here, perhaps a row of ten voting machines? Oh. Yes, I know that you're the government and wasting people's time is one of the best things you do but... what? Do I want to get in that line right now so that in three months when Obama is in office and my kids need antibiotics under his new health care system I'll be only one week away from seeing a physician? Um...

I've long had this idea that if you vote in the primaries you should be handed a FAST PASS ticket that allows you to move to the front of the line during November elections. If you vote during off-year elections you also get a danish.

NOTE: I voted today (10/31) and they had ten or twelve voting machines. The earlier report of two was based on a statement by a coworker who had supposedly been over for a look. BTW, you can vote tomorrow and until noon on Monday at the City County building but be sure to bring a book and a Disguise-A-Hammock.

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Jane said...

Great. And I *have* to vote early. Next time I think I'll go back to the absentee option.