Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pickin' at the Associated Press

Headline: Obama criticizes McCain on tone of their campaign
[That's because the can't truthfully criticize the content of McCain's ads]

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he can't imagine saying about an opponent some of the things that his Republican rival, John McCain, has been saying about him.

In an interview aired Thursday on CBS' "The Early Show," Obama points to recent charges on the campaign trail that he is "socialistic" and that he "pals around with terrorists."

[Both true... here's one of 'em from the jackarses mouth]

Obama says that the campaign for the White House has been tough — but he adds that he believes there is no equivalence between what his campaign has been doing and what the McCain campaign has been doing. [Because the McCain campaign isn't involved in wholesale voter fraud?]

For his part, McCain has said that his TV ads and automated phone calls about Obama's tax policies and his past relationship with a '60s-era radical have been completely accurate.

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Jane said...

Funny how it can be considered so horrible to tell the truth about your opponent.