Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Headlines From the Future

The first of a new series - news stories from the future if Obama gets elected and there aren't enough conservatives in Congress to keep him in check.


Recently passed legislation is projected to boost fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions of automobiles by tens of millions of pounds per year. Beginning in 2010 any automobile older than ten years old will be prohibited from operation on our nations streets. The public is invited to purchase cars that meet the newer emissions guidelines. Credits will be available for those unable to purchase a newer vehicle that will allow them to make use of the expanded ObamaWheels public transport system. Those wishing to receive a license for classic cars and vehicles older than ten years can purchase a carbon credit offset of $2 per mile. Older vehicles found operating without proper registration will be confiscated. As always these guidelines do not apply to the members of congress, federal employees and their families.

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