Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hands Down - Weirdest Dish Washing Ever

It started with an amazingly stronge sense of deja vu. "No biggie," I thought. "I'm just washing the same set of dishes and cups that I've washed hundreds of times* before and will wash (God willing) hundreds of times again."

Then came an elusive but nagging memory that teasingly bobbed at the surface but refused to show more than a few disjointed fragments no matter how hard I tried. As of this writing even what I could bring forth is gone.

Finally came an overwhelming sense of loss concerning friendships. Nothing is amiss in my life at the moment so I'm hoping it's not deja vu in reverse.

In the end it was back to the dishes with my brain a soggy slurry of incoherent memories and confused emotions.

From all this you'd think *I* was the one who was pregnant!

* May I point out that my wife does LOADS of dishes. We've been in this house over three years so even if I only did dishes twice a week during that time it would be in the hundreds.

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