Monday, May 5, 2008

I Don't WANNA Eat Cake!

Are all two of my readers planning on attending the Ron Paul rally Monday May 5th at 7:00 on the IPFW campus? Good. I'll see you there!

With the primary coming up tomorrow I started thinking about the Republican party and the quality of candidates they've been serving up. Back in 1992 I remember being a bit excited about Senator Graham running but he quickly got lost in the sea of mediocrity and then it was a matter of "well, I guess it's the better of two evils." Of course that was the year Clinton got in and started selling off military secrets to China faster than my kids run away from cooked spinach. I wonder what would have happened if the "blue blood country club" Republicans had actually offered up a decent candidate.

For my entire life I've been voting for "the lesser of two evils" and I'm sick of it. In college I remember a very respected professor telling us that you should vote on the morals of the candidates and everything else will fall into place. Though I scoffed a bit at the time I think he was completely right. Integrity is everything, especially in a position where temptation to bend morals and give in are presented every day. I think a lot of other people are sick of it too. Republicans lost in 1992 because of independent candidate Ross Perot chipping away at the Republican base. The same is happening with Ron Paul. I flippantly put up the post about him getting 17% of the vote in Pennsylvania but it recently really hit me. How often have I lately voted for the independent or the Libertarian party because I'm sending a message to the Republicans? In Pennsylvania 17% of the voters sent this same or a similar message even though McCain is going to be the official Republican party candidate. 17% saying "Give us a candidate worth our attention and you'll get our votes!"

You would think the blue bloods would have learned but here we are again. I don't know anyone who's excited about McCain. I see lots of yard signs for Hussain Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Ron Paul but not a single sign, bumper sticker, or button for McCain. Hopefully the Arizona Senator will pick a mondo-Conservative Vice President but I don't think that's the side of the aisle he wants to reach across.

Until then, get out there and vote, just not at my precinct... I like being able to run in and out during the Primaries.

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Lutheran Lucciola said...

Uvu, do you think the Paul campaign has a plan in hitting the media with more ads closer to the election time?

I think it would be brilliant, if he bombarded the airways and such, with a push as a write-in candidate.

It's true, the majority of people are not happy with the three stooges on the campaign trail.