Monday, May 19, 2008

Snarky But Creative

There is a story over on WANETV about how schools are faring one year after being crushingly defeated in their bid to get a few hundred million dollars from tax payers. Read the article in its wonderful entirety if you want. I had me some thoughts:

They are bemoaning that students have to sit in the halls for extra assistance. "You can hear other people working." Yep. Same as where I work, three other guys within ten feet of me and I have it good compared to the call center. "We have kids in learning spaces that aren't really learning spaces," sez FWCS Superintardent Wendy Robinson. In my book a learning space is any place where learning occurs. "Sorry... can't learn at the moment as the official learning space is being used by polar bears."

However despite having tables along one wall they are able to evacuate the school in 45 seconds. KUDOS!

They clearly state that the problem isn't overcrowding. In fact there were more students enrolled when the school was built than there are now. What has changed are the level of students with "special needs" which somehow dictates that they need more space for less kids to learn less than they used to learn. Me got A.D.D. so me needs more square feet. YES!

The school in question doesn't have separate rooms for music, art, and book storage (?!?!?). I'm a big fan -o- the arts so I really wish they had a room each for music and art, and a special little closet for book storage. But this is the way the school was built and they didn't include it then so why is it an issue now (and why does it bring to mind the Einsteins at uber-liberal Columbia University that designed a library but didn't account for the weight of the books)? Since there are less students why not (gasp) free up one room? Obviously I just don't understand. I am callous and stricken with severe sarcasm.

However despite lack of space they have come up with creative ways to deal. There's lots of creativity going on. "We obviously have to be creative in order to make use of the space we have," said Principal Smith, about the art/music/book room. "I have to be real creative as far as making my gym schedules so that we have time to eat lunch," said Principal Smith about the combination gym/cafeteria. I would also suggest being creative and purchasing a thesaurus. Yeah... that was mean and low. It was also malicious and underhanded. I'm sorry. And apologetic. And remorseful. I'm also sitting in a windowless room with three other guys so I'm a bit edgy.

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