Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Feet At Here Again!

Last night I bought me some new shoes... $28 Walking Shos at Kohl's, baby! I suffered through my previous shoes, a pair of brown Converse, for far too long. They looked good (even had a teenager at church comment on them... positively, I might add) and felt okay at the store. But my old feet need a shoe with arches and ones that won't cause the back of my left heel to bleed (easily remedied with a band aid or piece of medical tape) or make my feet ache EVERY SINGLE DAY. But you know me... I'm just a slave to fashion and so I put up with them just so I could look ultra-hip. My feet were miserable but my social life was swingin'!

Now I'm back to dork status. No longer will hipsters with the moused-up intentionally slept-in hair speak to me. No longer will I get invited to swanky parties by the in-crowd. No longer will I move to the front of the lines at Aldis. I'm just a commoner now. At least my feet are happy.


Big Doofus said...

You sound like an old geezer to me. I might just drive up there in my Crown Victoria and slap you with my cane.

Uvulapie said...

Your empty threats don't, uh, threaten me! I know they took away your drivers license when you failed the eye exam, you ol' coot!

Friend of the Predigtamt said...

I had to purchase a new pair of shoes myself last month...the sneakers made my ankles hurt and it lacked decent arch support.

They are SAS shoes, made in Texas and simply the best pair I've worn. BTW: if the hipsters asked you about your shoes, just mention that it's for irony. Instant cred!

Finally, a related video, from Liam Kyle Sullivan. "OMG Shoes!" (strong language warning.)