Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And So It Begins

I hear the radio guys spouting off about how the "Obama-controlled media" is going to do their best to destroy Palin or downplay her experience and that she has one week to cement her image in the minds of the public, an image that will forever follow her true or not (Dan Quayle as a stupid hick doodie-head was their greatest accomplishment).

However I still couldn't help but to be surprised at the audacity of an article I ran across. The headline is

Palin's pork requests confound reformer image

and you read the first two paragraphs where it states that under her watch Alaska got $295 per person from the federal government, compared to $34 per person elsewhere. GOLLY! Sounds like she's the typical politician. But continue reading and you'll find that Alaska has always been a big pork state and that under her watch it actually DECLINED from more than $800 per person to the current level of $295, at least a 63% drop. The article actually states that "there's only so much Palin could do with state bureaucrats used to a free-flowing spigot of federal dollars from Washington."

So what is it? A massive reformer, as the data indicates, or a big spender, as the headline suggests- and what the typical ill-informer reader will read? Get ready folks... this is the kind of slanted mud-slinging "journalism" you can expect for the next few months, or four years.

Read the entire article here.

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Jeff said...

Pretty simple, friend--she's a strong, idealistic woman who happens to be Republican. The majority of people in major media think strong, idealistic women can be only Democrats. A Republican woman who demonstrates such traits clearly is misrepresenting herself, or has something to hide, or both.

You'd think after 34 years this mindset would change, but it hasn't.