Friday, September 12, 2008

The Camping Post

I am waaaay behind on posts so I decided to go reverse chronological order.

Last weekend I took the kids camping at my dads. With a bathroom a full three minute walk away it's really roughing it! It was a perfect day for camping: not too hot, no rain, definitely not humid.

I picked up a couple -o- pizza's for the kids to eat while I set up the tents. It's amazingly difficult to assemble a tent with a bunch of kids saying, "Dad, watch this!" and "Dad, I'm hungry." With the tents up it was time for a fire... and pizza boxes burn real purdy.

At this time my brother came home from the hospital to take a break from awaiting the birth of his third child. My kids played with his kids and a good time was had by all before he returned to his wife's side at 9:30.

Right after the tents went up Joshua zipped into the boys tent, came out once for a toilet break after dark, and stayed in there until he was evicted so that I could take the tents down to go home the next morning. He's a regular outdoorsman! The rest of us had hotdogs and s'mores and threw lots of sticks on the fire. Later we lit off some leftover fireworks. It's okay 'cause we're in the county and not Fort Wayne proper so it was completely legal for us to ignite fireworks on our own property.

Night time tomfoolery!

The kids attempt to cross the creek. Who's that extra kid?

It's amazing how early the kids fall asleep when there's no TV or electric lights to tell them how late it is. Thanks to a foam cushion I actually had a decent night of sleep, only waking up about once an hour to check the fire.

Around 6:00 I decided to just stay up and I got to enjoy my first sunrise in ages. I wish my Beloved Girl was there with me to cuddle up to and enjoy it with me over steaming cups of java.

The kids woke up at 7:00 and I did my best not to burn the pancakes but it's easy to take steady, even heat for granted. After breakfast the kids played a little bit but we were all ready to return to the civilized world.
Care for a campfire?

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