Saturday, September 13, 2008

The End Is Near

I spent an hour this morning peeling and chopping tomatoes for yet another batch of sauce. So far, though, they have failed to 0vertake me like the did last year. Earlier in the week two tomatoes on death row took matters into their own hands and jumped from the counter to the floor but otherwise no red orbs have had to be discarded due to rot. Instead we have (counting on fingers) about about 30 cups of homemade sauce in the freezer with possibly only one or two more batches to be made before I get to rest.

The green beans have all but stopped their manufacturing facilities, much to the displeasure of my Girl, but next year we'll plant ever more!

We are also in possession of a mystery veggie, a mystery because we received the seeds from some clandestine seed merchants and now have no idea what to do with this solitary gi-normous gord-like produce (seen at left with a child for scale). The kids really want to use it like a club.

We found this pumpkin trying to camouflage itself by staying green and hiding out under the fire pit. Sorry, Charlie, but we've got plans for you! The same goes for those three green bell pepper friends of yours!

Also in the mystery department are these large pods growing on the fence, compliments of seeds from my dad that were as big as buckeyes. He said to let them dry on the vine and then shell 'em for even more beany goodness. We can hardly wait!

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